Dubai boat tours

Nemo Boat is a top-rated service that will give you simply the best boat tour in Dubai. You can see the best most famous tourist places in just one ride, admire the city’s unique architecture while enjoying a light salty breeze on your face.

On our comfortable boat, you will take a captivating ride across Dubai’s waterfront and will see the places this city is most famous for. We care about how exiting your experience will be as well as we care for your safety, all the passengers on the boat will be provided with life jackets, on all our Dubai boat trips you can feel safe and secure.

A boat tour in Dubai is a great way to spend some special time with your close ones, or by yourself. It will become a trip you will remember, and the beautiful pictures you will have a chance to take will serve as a good reminder of that wonderful time you spent here.

Discover the Dubai boat cruises

One of the best ways to explore Dubai is a tour by boat. Why do we say that it is best to explore Dubai by boat? As one poet wrote, you need distance to see what is great. You will get to see the city’s huge, breathtaking buildings from a distance, letting you properly and fully take in its outstanding beauty. There really is no experience close to this anywhere else.

The Dubai Waterfront is one of the largest waterfronts and largest man-made developments in the world, with its ambitious and fascinating buildings. With our Dubai boat cruise, you will get a unique chance to discover the city from the water, admire scenic views of the skyline and the Persian Gulf, take beautiful pictures of your exciting vacation and hear more about our magnificent landmarks all in one Dubai boat ride. Come to our Dubai sightseeing boat tour for an unforgettable experience!

Launching Offer
1h tour at 100 AED & kids go free
1h30 tour at 150 AED & kids go free
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