Dubai Boat Tour Private 60min Tour : Burj Al Arab & Atlantis

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Burj Al Arab
Burj Al Arab
The iconic sail-shaped silhouette of Burj Al Arab stands tall as a beacon of modern Dubai. The hotel is sometimes described as "the world's only seven-star hotel".
Palm Jumeirah
Palm Jumeirah
The artificial offshore islands in Dubai, the site of private residences and hotels. From the air, the archipelago resembles a stylized palm tree within a circle.
Atlantis The Palm is a majestic resort on Palm island with magnificent scale and uniqueness. It was the first resort to be built on the Palm Jumeirah and is themed on the myth of Atlantis.
Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa
Being the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa (completed in 2010) is the world’s most exceptional artificial marvel. It is home to the Dubai Mall – the world’s largest shopping mall which in turn accommodates the world’s biggest aquarium.
Discover the magical Dubai! In this tour you will see the most famous sights - the Burj Khalifa Tower, the Burj Al Arab Tower, the magnificent Atlantis the Palm and make an unforgettable journey around the unique artificial Palm Jumeirah archipelago.

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Burj Al ArabPalm JumeirahAtlantisBurj Khalifa
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Embarking on a 60-minute Dubai boat tour

Today in Dubai you can book a boat tour of Palm Island, offering a great opportunity to admire the most famous landmark of the Arabian Peninsula from the sea – Palm Jumeirah.

Discovering Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah Island is one of the three islands forming the remarkable artificial Palm archipelago in the UAE. This “Palm Islands” expand the coastline of Dubai by 520 kilometers. And although Jebel Ali and Deira are larger in size, Palm Jumeirah stands as the most illustrious of the three within the UAE. The name itself, “the crown of palm tree,” was chosen deliberately to reflect the island’s distinctive architectural design.

Situated just off the coast of Dubai, this artificial date palm tree island has a fascinating structure. The palm tree consists of a “trunk”, serving as the primary trade and transport artery of the island, a “crown” adorned with 17 “leaves,” each featuring exclusive villas, and an 11-kilometer crescent-shaped breakwater. The breakwater’s primary role is to safeguard the island against the erosive forces of waves. A bridge links the “trunk” of the Palm to the mainland, while an underwater tunnel connects the breakwaters to the upper leaves.

The palm tree’s leaves host an array of luxury hotels and exquisite villas, on the trunk area features restaurants, parks, shopping complexes, entertainment venues, and beach clubs. Many of the villas on Palm Jumeirah have been bought by celebrities.

On the leaves of palm trees are many luxury hotels and gorgeous villas. On the trunk there are restaurants, parks, shopping and entertainment complexes, and beach clubs. Many villas on the Palm Jumeirah are bought out by celebrities.

Our Dubai boat tour of Palm Island will show you all of these structures from a different side, presenting these architectural wonders from an angle less frequented by tourists.

This man-made miracle is not like any island in the world. It’s worth visiting here in order to appreciate the capabilities of modern science and substantial investments. To attract divers, artificial coral reefs have been created off the island’s coast, and even two F-100 aircraft have been submerged as underwater attractions!

How to book the 60-minute boat tour of the island?

Today, you can explore all the archipelago’s wonders, not just through the usual means of travel, by foot, car, or public transport, but also by venturing out to sea. NemoBoat offers boat tours around Dubai’s Palm Island.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists are drawn to witness this technological marvel created by human hands. While visiting, you can unwind on the extensive 80-kilometer-long beaches, dive, visit the aquariums and dolphinariums, and enjoy the thrills of one of the world’s largest water parks, Aquaventure.

If spending your entire vacation on Palm Jumeirah is affordable only for the wealthiest of us, because almost all the most expensive hotels in the world are concentrated here, tourists with a limited budget can always afford a boat trip.

What sights will I see?

Palm Islands are a focal point of attraction in the United Arab Emirates and are often considered among the world’s eight wonders due to their extraordinary beauty. Every traveler visiting Dubai should make it a point to explore Palm Islands.

Dubai boat tour of the Palm will allow you to visit all the attractions. The architecture of the archipelago will amaze you with its versatility and ability to combine the Arabic and European styles. Additionally, the island has a huge number of different hotels and hotels, entertainment centers, shops, restaurants, and it also has a famous aquarium called “Lost Chambers”, which is famous among tourists.

The aquarium comprises numerous rooms and tunnels, enabling you to not only encounter 65 thousand species of marine fauna but also to hear an interesting story about the mythical sinking of Atlantis from our knowledgeable guide. Many tourists who visited Palm Island have been captivated by the experience, as it embodies unparalleled natural beauty, turquoise water, blue sky, and amazing sunset landscapes.

Our excursion takes you along the picturesque coastline of Jumeirah Beach Residence, adorned with enchanting lanterns, fountains, and a multitude of restaurants and shops. The tour also includes stops at prominent archipelago landmarks: a stop at Dubai Atlantis, one of the city’s most prestigious hotels. As well as breathtaking views of the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel and the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa.

Our 60-minute Dubai boat tour will show you the scope of the architectural and engineering ideas of this object created by man. In addition, you will get a lot of aesthetic pleasure. With our cruise, your trip to the United Arab Emirates will be unforgettable.