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In recent years, the Emirates of Dubai has increasingly consolidated its status as the world ‘s main tourism center through its achievements and discoveries, the constantly developing infrastructure, the economy and, in particular, the development of a tourism business aimed at attracting the world’s attention. A vacation spent in the Emirates leaves an indelible impression of what has been seen.

One popular entertainment among tourists today is the Dubai boat excursions – certainly a perfect gift for yourself and your family or for a loved one.

Our boats are the perfect way to spice up your holiday or have a romantic date.

How to book a boat in Dubai?

Before going on holiday to Dubai, decide on the purpose of the trip, date, and route, especially if you plan to visit the Emirates for the first time – try to coordinate the plans in such a way that you have time to fully enjoy the holiday.

Book a boat in Dubai in advance, if you have decided to go on a tour from our website. We are ready to help you – you can easily book a spot for yourself, a couple or a company. And crucially, you have a chance to get a substantial discount if we have a promotion.

If necessary, you can contact our managers and clarify all the nuances of the tour you have chosen. A NemoBoat staff member will help you and answer your questions without any problems.
Comfort, safety, and cost

Choosing our boat excursions of Dubai you can be sure in the safety and comfort of our boats. We guarantee the safety of adults and children:

  • for each client we issue life jackets;
  • our captain is qualified and has extensive experience.

You can compare your choice of Dubai boat excursion and make sure that we have the most affordable prices for the tours.

Good for companies

We will find an option for you if you came on a vacation with a company of friends. Our boats are great for big companies. Our boat is also great for going on a tour with a big and friendly family.

What does the tour include?

The delightful modern metropolis on the coast of the Arabian peninsula, with its fancy and graceful architecture, will open up before your sight during your visit of Dubai with our company.

During the cruise, we will visit Dubai Marina district – the pearl of the architectural heritage of the city, man-made Palm island, luxury hotel Atlantis, the symbol of modern Dubai – the legendary Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall Shopping Centre, a huge oceanarium listed in the Guinness Book of Records. If you climb the Burj Khalifa Tower, you will be able to look at Dubai from a height of more than 400 meters.

Our trips are designed so that you can not only see these beautiful attractions but hear some interesting stories and even photograph all the main sights.

Book a boat in Dubai with our company – make your holiday unforgettable!