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Dubai still lives up to its reputation as a city of challenges, a city of excess. After showcasing its luxurious spaces with the inauguration of Bluewaters, the island is about to break a new world record. It will be Ain Dubai. In other words, the largest observation wheel in the world. Here’s what you need to know.

Ain Dubai – what is it?

Not to compete with other megacities in the world, Dubai has built the largest Ferris wheel in the world. This project can be called a miracle on a miracle, because Ain Dubai will be installed on the artificial island Bluewaters. Initially it was planned to open in 2015, but the scale of the task was underestimated.

In reality, the construction of the Ferris wheel of the world could not begin until May 2015. With a budget of nearly two billion US dollars, 9,000 tons of steel were necessary for the construction of Ain Dubai. With a central spindle and a hub weighing 1,800 tonnes and being 40 meters wide, the entire device rests on four legs, which are 126 meters high. Construction is nearing completion and the 250-meter-high attraction will delight visitors of Dubai from the opening of Expo 2020.

The Dubai Eye is a giant wheel that will open on Bluewaters Island ahead of the next EXPO (originally scheduled for October 2020, but due to the coronavirus crisis, it will only be held in October 2021).

What makes this Ferris wheel special?

It’s not just height that sets Ain Dubai apart from any other wheel in the world. No less important are the number of visitors that it can accommodate at the same time, and the speed of its rotation, and the comfort of being on the attraction.

The largest Ferris wheel in the world will have about fifty capsules and will be able to accommodate nearly 1,400 visitors. Ain Dubai will take 48 minutes to complete a turnaround. Each 10 m² double-glazed capsule allows visitors to enjoy stunning views of Dubai Harbor and the surrounding area. This will be an opportunity to contemplate very beautiful complexes such as the Burj Khalifa or Burj Al Arab.

Travelers will have a doorman service in the air-conditioned cabins with wooden floors and Corian benches. In addition, a giant screen will be installed at Ain Dubai. An entertainment area will be set up at the bottom of this famous vantage point for all of Dubai.

How to visit the attraction?

You can get to Ain Dubai in the most usual way of visiting the city: on foot. The island, home to the world’s largest Ferris wheel, is visited by visitors on foot. Additionally, it is possible to get there by water transport.

Admire this wonder from a boat

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