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The Nemo Boat team is working hard to let as many people as possible experience the beautiful Dubai from the sea. Our excursions are suitable not only for those who have been to the city more than once but also for the first time tourists. For the former, it is a great chance to see Dubai from a new, slightly unusual angle, for the latter it is a wonderful opportunity to visit all the most famous places in one tour.

One of the best boat tours in Dubai (according to our team) is the 90-minute boat tour. For those who are not yet ready to ride a boat for an hour and a half, we offer a 60-minute boat tour. Such an excursion will allow you to spend not so much time on the water, but at the same time, it will allow you to enjoy the view of the most striking sights.

Our trips include all the key sights of Dubai: the artificial island of Palm (where the largest water park is located), Dubai Marina, rich in mansions and yachts, the largest shopping center Dubai Mall, the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, and several other structures. Our extensive Dubai sightseeing boat tour will allow you to make a lot of memories and recharge with positive emotions for a long time.

As part of our excursion program, guests get to see the Burj Khalifa skyscraper and Burj Al Arab Hotel – the main attractions of Dubai, impressive and gorgeous buildings.

You will be able to see modern Dubai from the seaside. You will feel all the grandeur of this Arab city by visiting an artificial palm island, created from sand right in the sea. Visit the elite area of ​​Dubai Marina with impressive buildings and a beautiful waterfront, a favorite place of leisure travelers. Admire the luxury yachts at the port and the whimsical fountains of the Dubai Mall.

During our excursions, there are stops when our guests will have the opportunity to take great photos with the unique views of Dubai. You can capture and save as a keepsake all the sights that you visit with us.

Our Dubai boat tours are considered the most memorable and rewarding. You can ride our boat alone or with your family. We guarantee safety – we provide life jackets for all tour participants, and there is always drinking water for you. You can book our boat tour in Dubai in advance – this will allow you to calculate your budget and time on vacation.

The Nemo Boat team will do everything to make your vacation unforgettable!